Connect the dots

Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Zelkaa help brands and organizations gather online and offline data together, efficiently and in real-time. By analyzing this data targeted society and customers' point of view are identified and upon all the strategic decisions with better insight, shaping the roadmap would be smoother and more legible.

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Crisis Management

Realtime Analysis

Deep Analysis

Competitor Analysis


Trusted by pioneer brands and organizations in different sectors

Efficient insight

Monitor, Process and Analyze


Effective search, efficient analysis

Sophisticated search engine of Zelkaa, makes monitoring online and offline mass media, easy and fast. Key trends, attitude and mood sentiments of the audience, media coverage volume and etc. are what you aware of using our search engine.


Surfing the data world!

Various charts and diagrams lead you to a clearer insight and help you to discover what is the next step within campaigns, PR crises and etc.


Listen actively

Listening to the audience and society effectively and instantly is possible in Zelkaa by noticing trending topics, influencing users, audience’s attitude and etc. You would find appropriate solutions based on this listening results.


Act on time!

Communicate on time with audience to pretend PR crisis. Answering comments on social media and sending content to your channels are possible on Zelkaa.


Decide on cognition

Identifying the behaviour and the manner of the targeted audience helps to keep and measure your brand health accuratly.


Measure your success

The outcome of your projects progress and efforts is possible through the creation of bulletins and analytical reports.