Telegram Channel Monitoring

Collecting Published Content by Telegram Monitoring

Thousands of posts on Telegram channels are collected and categorized daily by Zelkaa, and finally, these contents are used for Telegram analytics. We know that spam content is seen abundantly in this messenger. Zelkaa intelligently detects this worthless content and provides Telegram analysis and monitoring without any flaws.

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Data Collected from Telegram Channels

Collecting Published Content by Telegram Monitoring
Dedicated Telegram Channel for Monitoring Media
Automatic Content sending to a Channel

Dedicated Telegram Channel for Monitoring Media

For faster monitoring and easy access for all team members to media-level content, organizations can send all online and offline media-level content to a predefined channel. Besides, organizations can monitor and analyze their data on the same telegram channel.

  • Teamwork Facilitation with Media Alert Tool
Telegram Analytics

Telegram Channel Management Tool

Achieving Telegram channel management solutions with statistical tables, various charts, and growth analysis of quantitative feedback metrics such as the number of members and the number of visits to monitor campaigns in different chosen periods of time.

  • Telegram Channel Insight
Telegram Channel Management Tool
Telegram Channels Penetration Rate
Telegram Analysis

Telegram Channels Penetration Rate

In Telegram analysis, Zelkaa uses various metrics such as the number of members, the rate of use of other channels as a source, and the channel's relevance to brands and organizations to calculate the penetration rate of Telegram channels among people and their level of trust. One of the uses of information about penetration rate is to make better decisions about placing ads on telegram channels.

  • The most Visited Telegram channels
Telegram Monitoring

Details of Monitored Telegram Data

To get a comprehensive view, you will be provided with the most critical information about the monitored post in Telegram.

  • Publication date
  • Monitoring time
  • Publisher channel penetration rate (channel credibility and penetration among people)
  • The number of times the post was edited by the publisher channel
  • Time, number of changes, and screenshots of the post before the change
  • For Distinguishing Fake News from Real Ones
Details of Monitored Telegram Data
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