Analyzing the Sentiments and Approach of the Audiences and Fans

Assessing the Celebrity’s Reputation and Popularity

As a well-known figure in society, to improve your personal brand image, you first need to know what and in which attitude people talk about you. In Zelkaa, using social media analysis tools, you will have your share of voice and the analysis of users' sentiments in social networks with qualitative metrics (sad, serious, interested, sorry).

  • Measuring the personal brand popularity and the degree of fame in public opinion
  • Analyzing people's sentiments and attitudes on social media about personal brand popularity

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Assessing the Celebrity’s Reputation and Popularity
Measure Your Influence Among Society
Social Media Analysis

Measure Your Influence Among Society

One of the important issues for artistic, political, and sports figures is knowing the extent of their influence and popularity among the fans and society. Zelkaa will be with you to maintain and enhance this influence and popularity by providing analytic reports on audience analysis, penetration rate, audience engagement rates, and monitoring of current media conversations.

  • Access to analytical charts of users' sentiments on social networks
  • Measure your personal brand popularity and other celebrities among the society
  • The share of conversations about celebrity and competitors in the total volume of the media
  • The analysis report of each post on social media accounts with the exact number of views (Reach and Impression), engagement, and comments
  • Access to data from previous celebrity campaigns with other brands to determine the influence on the audience

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Celebrity Crisis Management

Manage Celebrity Gossips Spreads

Well-known figures and celebrities in all steps are constantly exposed to all kinds of rumors, fake news, and media crises due to their fame among different society levels. When a photo, video, or audio is shared with a fake headline on social networks, media, and news agencies, in the shortest time, you become the first trend and the hot headline of all mass media, and your personal brand will be jeopardized. By defining the subject and using the special features of personal branding in Zelkaa, you can take the necessary measures to show the best reaction to fake rumors and news in critical situations.

  • Quick awareness of people talking about you in the form of emails and notifications by Zelkaa app notifications
  • Monitor negative conversations and complaints separately

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Manage Celebrity Gossips Spreads
I am a Political Authority
Political Brand Management

I am a Political Authority

Today, most and perhaps all political figures own social media accounts in at least one social network using their significant influence for personal branding development. These people should also use social media analysis software to achieve the highest level of positive influence in society and prevent PR crises.

  • Monitor trends in different sectors in media and social media and recognize the concerns of society
  • Evaluate your reputation and popularity using different charts and sentiment analysis

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