Monitoring Online and Offline Media

Predict a Media Crisis with Continuous Monitoring

Zelkaa provides the infrastructure to experience optimal and fast content monitoring and not miss anything about your organization using sophisticated technology.

  • Monitoring more than 300 million media, users, and pages
  • Categorizing and analyzing more than 20 million collected data daily
  • Monitoring and collecting offline media texts such as newspapers and magazines using OCR technology
  • Prioritizing critical conversations on media and social media
Predict a Media Crisis with Continuous Monitoring
Monitor Contents at the Time They Are Published
Real-Time Media Monitoring

Monitor Contents at the Time They Are Published

Public relations teams need to monitor the content and conversations on time, especially in times of media crisis. Therefore Zelkaa developed Bars tools for simultaneously monitoring multimedia, social media, and various topics:

  • Monitoring the published materials and news about the required topics in Zelkaa
  • Monitoring several social profiles related to your organization and brand Monitoring your competitors social profiles
  • Monitoring news and content on websites and online news agencies
  • Monitoring the content and news of newspapers, press, and magazines

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NPS Chart

Measuring Audience Satisfaction

Most sales teams measure customer satisfaction by sending survey forms to customers and using the NPS method. In this method, the percentage of customers who recommend a product to others is reduced from those who do not recommend it. The resulting number indicates the level of customer loyalty of one product. In Zelkaa, we measure the level of satisfaction with a brand in the media with the same model and generalization of parameters such as the audience's negative and positive attitude.

  • Use of NPS method and artificial intelligence to measure user satisfaction
  • Measuring the level of people's satisfaction with the content created in the media
  • Measuring the growth of one or more media outlets' approach to different topics
  • Analyzing all comments and tweets to measure user satisfaction
Measuring Audience Satisfaction
Monitoring Hot Topics
Media and Social Trend Monitoring

Monitoring Hot Topics

By developing the Trend Tracker tool, Zelkaa allows public relations teams to monitor the hottest topics over media at different periods of time. With this tool, you can watch all the hot news and content published in the online and offline media in different languages ​​simultaneously and together, and you can see what has happened or is about to happen in the world of media and various industries. Therefore, you can find out more about its potential impact on your business in advance.

  • Viewing and monitoring the hottest news and content in all newspapers, press, and news agencies
  • Viewing and monitoring the hottest and trended posts on social media with accurate statistical details
  • Access to posts and content of influencers and influential media outlets in required geographical areas
  • The most important keywords used by users in a words cloud
  • The most visited hashtags in a hashtags cloud

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Media Crisis Management

Timely Control of the Public Relations Crisis

One of the main concerns of members of the public relations team is timely awareness of the foreshock of a media crisis to control and manage it in a timely and rapid manner. Zelkaa provides teams with a variety of practical tools to accomplish this process:

  • Alert tool which sends you hot and trend topics about the brand immediately via email, telegram, and mobile notification
  • Separate monitoring of complaints and negative conversations on Instagram, Twitter, and news websites
  • Quick access to hot posts, tweets, and news on social media and networks
  • Easy and hassle-free access to content published by influencers
Timely Control of the Public Relations Crisis
Track Which News Agencies Published Your News
Sources of the News Release

Track Which News Agencies Published Your News

When monitoring the media and facing a public relations crisis, we come across important news about our organization or brand that we need to know what the publisher's first news source was and track which news agencies released the news next; In addition to showing the source and tracking the content and news, the content launch chart in Zelkaa shows exactly how many minutes or hours each news is published after the first news.

  • Displaying the news and content publishing track line from the first to the last publishing media
  • Displaying the number of repetitions of news and content in online and offline media
  • Displaying content and news similar to the monitored content with displaying headline and text changes
Geographical Monitoring

Discover how Your Brand Mentions and Conversations Spread Geographically

Crises start from one point, and their growth increases in other places concerning the issue's importance. It is often important to know where the content release process came from, how it grew, and how much talk there is about the topic.
In Zelkaa, you can use geographical monitoring in two ways:

  • Geographical ratio of social media users who talk about your brand
  • How brand mentions and news spread from one geographical point to another and view the volume of these conversations

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Discover how Your Brand Mentions and Conversations Spread Geographically
Daily Access to the Press, Front Pages of Newspapers and Magazines
Offline media Monitoring

Daily Access to the Press, Front Pages of Newspapers and Magazines

Being in a public relations team means you have to watch all online and offline media. Every morning, Zelkaa's Kiosk provides you with the front pages of hundreds of local and foreign newspapers and magazines so that you can be aware of the headlines before doing your daily work.

  • Simultaneously viewing and monitoring the headlines of newspapers and magazines
  • Access to the color file of the front pages of all newspapers and magazines
  • Access to the archives of previous newspapers and magazines

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Organizational Press Release

Zelkaa Newswire for Press Release Distribution

With Zelkaa, After you felt the foreshocks of the crisis before it happened, monitored the first publisher of news or content and tracked its publishing line, separated fake news from the real news, identified influencers and influential media, Now is the time to respond. In addition to publishing the organization’s statement on social media, the organization's public relations statement should be published simultaneously in news agencies and websites so that the public can hear the organization's response to the crisis.
With the development of the Newswire tool, we are with the public relations team during media crises and the introduction of new products and services:

  • Publishing the organizational press releases and reports directly in the Newswire
  • Selecting the proper media of your field of activity from thousands of news agencies, websites, and newspapers
  • Recognizing the audience of each media using the Newswire analysis system for targeted advertising

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Zelkaa Newswire for Press Release Distribution
Report the Results of Your Team Effort by Zelkaa Media Bulletin
Export Professional Media Reporting

Report the Results of Your Team Effort by Zelkaa Media Bulletin

Public relations teams periodically and often manually get reports of their media activities. By developing the Bulletin Export tool, Zelkaa provides team members with a variety of opportunities to present the results of their efforts management in the most professional ways:

  • Ability to create bulletins at any time
  • Ability to export the bulletins in various formats such as Excel, HTML, PDF
  • Sharing bulletins via Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, etc.

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