Real-Time Hashtags and Topics Monitoring

See what's going on around your predefined topics at any given time in the last 24 hours. Monitor the latest hashtags and topics trends anywhere in the world and decide on your communication strategies.

  • Real-time monitoring of social network hashtags trends in all geographical locations
  • Real-time monitoring of conversation in all geographical locations
  • View hashtag analysis and real-time trends in different cities
  • Viewing keyword analysis and real-time trends in different cities
Real-Time Hashtags and Topics Monitoring
Monitor Conversations Point-to-Point

Monitor Conversations Point-to-Point

By setting up topics and keywords related to your organization or brand and monitoring its geographical trend in Trendy Map, you will be the first to be informed of the start of the conversations about your desired topics.

  • Identifying the geographical location of publishers from the first to the last ones
  • Ability to track the flow of content heating in the geographical map and the level of its heat
  • Ability to zoom in and view the aggregate number of news and content within the regions
  • Ability to monitor the publication of content separately from different media sources

Crisis Management with Zelkaa Trend Map

When it comes to media crises, it is vital to know where the first publishers of the contents geographically were and how it is trending point-to-point.

  • Real-time monitoring of events and crises around the organization in the media
  • Real-time monitoring of the amount of material published in times of crisis
  • Real-time monitoring of news up to the past 24 hours on websites, newsagencies, social networks including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram
Crisis Management with Zelkaa Trend Map
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