Monitoring of Radio, Television, and Satellite Channels

International Broadcasting Monitoring

In radio and television monitoring, Zelkaa monitors and collects content and advertisement published in media related to Broadcasting and satellite channels along with a summary of the published news articles, relevant hashtags, and the direction of their approach on a 24-hour basis and provides them as video and audio files to the user.

  • Access to television programs related to organizations, brands, and competitors for advertising
International Broadcasting Monitoring
Monitored Radio and Television Programs Details
Offline Monitoring

Monitored Radio and Television Programs Details

In Zelkaa, general information about the content published on international Broadcasting can be obtained by 24-hour monitoring of radio and television programs. This information includes the time of publication, the time of monitoring the news and programs, the thematic categorization of the content, etc., and provides organizations with a comprehensive media analysis.

  • International Broadcasting Media Analysis
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