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Today, finding relative data among billions of published content in the media is critical for communication departments. And due to the instantaneous dissemination of content as well as the diversity of distribution networks and the abundance of media, especially in the context of social networks, fast access to news, content and accurate analysis would be a very difficult task and practically impossible without monitoring and analytical tools. Zelkaa would accompany you with every step you take into this path.

With Zalkaa, Connect the Dots

As access to the knowledge, analysis and interpretation of media content is inevitable before any decision making for the communications managers, Zelkaa provides various services by artificial intelligence and data science in order to analyze all online and offline media for the strategic decisions.

Trusted By Mega-Brands

And now, after gaining the trust of more than 500 leading brands in various industries and ecosystems, including Bank Saderat Iran, Digikala, Tehran Municipality, Presidential Institution, Pakshoo Holding, etc., we introduce "Newswire", the targeted advertising platform. From now on, our customers will be able to publish their advertisements, reports and PR statements in a targeted and completely optimal way to the selected media and influencers.


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Organizational Core Values

  • The Trust Results Delegation

    At Zalkaa, we have complete trust in each other for fulfilling the assigned responsibilities in the best possible way, and things like check-in and check-out tracking, or filling out leave forms which cause us to lose focus and comfort, do not make sense here.

  • Leadership in Our Management

    In Zalkaa, the meaning of manager and management is closer to the concept of leader and leadership and is completely far from the concept of being a boss and bossy; We are going to get to know media and technology together and gain each other's experiences to build the best products for our customers.

  • Personal Development

    With the help of colleagues expert in their field, we discover new capabilities in ourselves, team and products to make a huge difference and growth.

  • Heroes of Media Analysis

    If you are interested in the media and how it affects public opinion, politics, culture, etc., Zalkaa is a perfect environment to work with experienced partners in the field of media and technology.

Proud of Gaining The Trust of

More than 500 Mega Brands in Different Industries and Sectors

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