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Collecting Content Published in Newspapers

Today, monitoring newspapers, press, and specialized magazines is one of the daily tasks of the public relations team members. This process wastes the valuable time of at least one of the team's experts.
Mistakes and not seeing some content also occur in the meantime; But using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, Zelkaa monitors all published articles about organizations and brands in newspapers and magazines. You can also see the front page of newspapers and magazines every morning using the Zelkaa public relations tool "Kiosk."


Local and Foreign Printed Media

Collecting Content Published in Newspapers
Smart Article Summarizer
News Summarizer

Smart Article Summarizer

When we are exposed to information bombardment every day, and there is not enough time to read everything, it is desirable to read summaries of long articles published in newspapers in Zelkaa.
The smart summary of Zelkaa is done in several stages of news monitoring, separation of similar news, separation of parallel sentences, and finally, the preparation of multi-line news summary, which leads to the optimal time for reading news articles for the audience.

  • The Fastest Way to Summarize Articles
Newspapers Content and News Monitoring

Details of Monitored News

Information about the newspaper article analysis is displayed in the Zelkaa panel to provide optimal and fast monitoring.

  • Time of publication and monitoring of the content
  • Content categorization (economic, social, political)
  • The subject matter in a few words
  • The primary source of news or content
  • Other sources of Published same news or content (websites and other newspapers)
  • Know the First Source of the News
Details of Monitored News
Penetration Rate of Newspapers and Magazines
Targeted Advertising in Newspapers

Penetration Rate of Newspapers and Magazines

Using various metrics such as the number of circulations, Zelkaa calculates the number of sources using the newspaper or magazine as a reference, the number of advertisements, the level of public trust in the news source, and the penetration rate of the newspaper or magazine among them.
One of the uses of knowing the penetration rate is deciding to include a reportage in these news sources.

  • Newspaper News Analysis and its Impacts on the Brand
Controlling the Brand Media Crisis

Published News Credibility

In order to react accurately and efficiently to news published in newspapers and the press during the information bombardment, it is essential to ensure that the published news is credible. When monitoring the news, Zelkaa calculates the credibility of the published news using different algorithms, the penetration rate of various publisher sources, the amount and manner of attention of influencers to the news, so you can easily distinguish fake news from real news.

  • Newspaper News Fact-Checking
Published News Credibility
Collecting Content Similar to the Monitored Content
Do not Miss any News

Collecting Content Similar to the Monitored Content

In Zelkaa, you can have all the content similar to what you monitor in any newspaper, along with detailed information such as other sources of publication (newspapers, news websites) and the time of publication. This similar content may be an objective repetition of the headline or its text or simply contain similar content.


News Sources Monitoring

Similar News in News Media

Finding the Source of the News

In newspaper articles monitoring, one of the factors considered is the source and manner of publishing the news article in different news media. In the event of a media crisis, you need to know who the first news source is and which media is broadcasting the news. With this information, you can manage media crises quickly and accurately.

  • Content Publishers Chart
Finding the Source of the News
Smart Translation of News and Content
Do not Miss Foreign News

Smart Translation of News and Content

Multilingual news monitoring is vital to many groups and organizations; Usually, these groups translate content from diverse languages ​​into the target language, but this is a very challenging and time-consuming process. So, Zelkaa has prepared a suitable solution to solve this challenge and save time.
Zelkaa translates news and content monitored in newspapers in a very smart way from English to Arabic, Turkish, German, Spanish etc and vice versa.

  • Monitoring News and Content in Multiple Languages
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