Facebook Monitoring and Data Collection

Collection of Facebook Posts and Stories

Collecting and categorizing more than 500,000 Facebook stories and posts are done daily by the Zelkaa search engine. OCR technology is used to compile the stories, which makes it possible to search whether your brand is mentioned in stories or not.

  • Facebook Post and Stories Monitoring Tool
Collection of Facebook Posts and Stories
Measuring Content Creation Efficiency
Facebook Analytics

Measuring Content Creation Efficiency

By Facebook analysis tool, Zelkaa provides the growth rate charts of users' engagement with posts by the number of likes, comments, and impressions. It also provides growth rate charts of user engagement and the number of Facebook page's followers to social network managers.

  • Facebook Page Insights
For Improving Brand Image

Facebook Sentiment Analysis

Zelkaa algorithms detect sentiments, attitudes, and satisfaction of users and show in the form of sentiment analysis charts, including unhappiness, anger, happiness, positive or negative approach diagrams of users, and the level of satisfaction about topics or brands.

  • Facebook Audience Insights Tool
Facebook Sentiment Analysis
Brand Hottest Posts and Facebook Trend
Prevention of Media Crisis

Brand Hottest Posts and Facebook Trend

Suppose popular media outlets post harmful content about your topic on their Facebook profile due to the media's nature. In that case, the post will go viral quickly and cause severe problems for the PR department.
To avoid a media crisis, you need to be aware of the complaints and content that is getting attention as soon as possible. Zelkaa quickly identifies hot posts or content published by influencers so you can make timely decisions for the best response.

  • Detect Facebook Influencers Talking About You
To Respond to Facebook Comments Perfectly

Facebook Audience Analysis

View previous posts and comments from users of this social network about your topic or brand.
If a source talked about your topic in one of its Facebook posts, you could monitor all the previous posts of the desired account to know more. Besides, you can review and analyze in more depth what the user has said about your competitors.
Accessing Facebook users' interaction history with your Facebook topics will help you get to know them better and respond more optimally.

  • Know Your Facebook Audience One by One
Facebook Audience Analysis
Publishing the Most Productive Content at the Best Time
Facebook Profile Analysis

Publishing the Most Productive Content at the Best Time

Zelkaa determines the best time and the most effective form of content to get the most efficiency and the highest result by analyzing the brand page and in-depth analysis of the elements related to the content that you share with your audience in your business Facebook profile posts.

  • Ability to identify the best form of content (video, image, and album) with accessing content efficiency
  • Access to statistical analysis of brand's Facebook and detecting the growth rate of users’ engagement
  • Managing the cost and time to create content by accessing the metrics analysis of each post after publication
  • Content placement and timing in the content calendar and Facebook timed post with Zelkaa
  • Facebook Schedule Post
Facebook Comments Monitoring

Facebook Comments Analysis

Zelkaa collects and analyzes Facebook comments of any brand and organization you desire. The analytical report that you have access to includes the following below, which will help you as a Facebook social media manager to know the audience's satisfaction and attitude towards the content while analyzing the Brand Facebook page.

  • The most active commenters. the most mentioned pages, the gender of the commenters, and the ratio between them
  • Emojis, words, and hashtag clouds used in comments


Daily Comments Collecting

Facebook Comments Analysis
Predict Facebook Trending Post
Facebook Crisis Management

Predict Facebook Trending Post

By tracking the average growth rate of Facebook posts, you can identify the likelihood that they will become trending. If the engagement chart peaks or falls, you can find out how much your audience is interested in different published content types or prevent media crises.

  • Detection of Media Crisis Foreshocks
Monitored Post Details

Facebook Post Analysis

In addition to monitoring each Facebook post's content in Zelkaa, you can see detailed information about the time of publication, topic category, hashtags, post screenshots, number of times changed, and even screenshots of deleted or changed posts by referring to each post information table.

  • Do not Miss any changed or Deleted Content on Facebook
Facebook Post Analysis
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