YouTube Keyword Monitoring

Collecting Video Content with YouTube Monitoring

Zelkaa monitors YouTube videos in a completely intelligent way and different languages and provides you with analytical details as well as the ability to convert audio to text.


Daily Videos Monitoring

Collecting Video Content with YouTube Monitoring
Zelkaa Growth Chart and YouTube Insight
YouTube Analytics

Zelkaa Growth Chart and YouTube Insight

Comparing the growth chart of different youtube metrics of videos published on YouTube, which vary in terms of views, likes, comments, and impressions in different periods, can help you guess the attractiveness and fame of the video in the very first minutes.
Also, in the long run, by monitoring YouTube and analyzing the growth chart of various posts, you can understand the reason for the popularity of videos and improve your video content developing strategy.

  • For Better Youtube Content Development
Youtube Channel Analytics

The Importance of Channel Penetration Rate in YouTube Analysis

Using different youtube metrics such as the number of followers, the extent to which other media employ channel videos as a source, the channel's relevance to brands and organizations, and additional metrics, Zelkaa calculates how much people trust the channel and its influence among the public.
One of the most important reasons to pay attention to the penetration rate when monitoring YouTube is to make better decisions to offer ads to Youtube influencers.

  • Targeted Advertising to YouTubers
The Importance of Channel Penetration Rate in YouTube Analysis
Validation of Published Video
The Accuracy of YouTube News

Validation of Published Video

Due to the large number of compelling video content on YouTube channels, it is essential to ensure that the content and news about the brand are credible in order to respond appropriately and promptly to the published content. Using various algorithms such as measuring the penetration rate of major video publishers, the extent to which influential people pay attention to the video, and other methods, Zelkaa determines their validity.

  • Detecting Fake Video Content from Real
Youtube Data Analysis

Details of Monitored Youtube Videos

In order to provide a proper analysis of the published content, all the essential features are reviewed by Zelkaa, and important video information such as publish time, monitored time, the penetration rate of the user or publisher channel (channel credibility and penetration among people) is provided to you. There is also access to features such as edited post information, change time, number of these changes, and content screenshots to achieve the most accurate analysis in YouTube monitoring.

  • Comprehensive Analysis of YouTube Videos
Details of Monitored Youtube Videos
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