Monitoring Hot Posts, Breaking News, and Top Influencers

Without defining a topic or keywords, you are able to monitor the hottest content of all online and offline media and social networks in different industries and areas together and listen to the community's reaction to the current trends.

  • Monitoring the hottest articles, posts and influencers in all over the world or in a specific geographic area
  • Separately monitor news, trending news articles, and influential media on websites and news agencies
  • Separately monitor hot posts, tweets, and hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks
  • Ability to separate news and content into different media source categories, domains, sub-domains, and news coverage areas
Monitoring Hot Posts, Breaking News, and Top Influencers
Predict When Is the Best Time for Your Campaigns

Predict When Is the Best Time for Your Campaigns

By knowing the trends and hot topics in the media with Trend Tracker, you will be aware of the best time to schedule your media campaigns and prevent your campaigns from getting lost in other media trends.

  • Predicting hot and trending conversations to prevent campaigns from getting lost amid media crises
  • Ability to view top hashtags and hot and repetitive keywords with the number of times used in social networks
  • Viewing the number of content creation in online and offline media by countries and cities in a specified period of time
  • Ability to create a bulletin and add news and content out of the Trend Tracker tool
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