• What is Zelkaa?

    Zelkaa is an integrated software which provides different tools and products for media and social media monitoring and analysis. Communications teams also can engage directly with their audience and schedule future posts through Zelkaa.

  • Who is Zelkaa for?

    We are proud of gaining the trust of more than 500 organizations and companies active in different industries and sectors such as Banking and Insurance, IT, Oil and Energy, Manufacturing, FMCG, etc. You can see different solutions Zelkaa offers to communications professionals:

  • What are the advantages of using Zelkaa?

    Every day, Zelkaa monitors more than 300 million websites, social media public accounts, etc. and covers a wide range of domestic and foreign online and offline media to provide you with the most relevant information in real time, therefore we are with you in listening to your audience, knowing them and anticipating and controlling potential public relations crises.

    By setting up your business phrases and keywords in Zelkaa and using various analytical diagrams and tables, you will get to know your audience and competitors well, and with an effective and immediate understanding of the community's desires, communication strategies and media activities will be presented to you.

  • Is it possible to use the free trial of Zelkaa? What do I need to do to get the demo?

    Yes. You can try Zelkaa products and features for 3 days free and on a trial.

    There are several ways you can send your demo request to our sales team:

    • Call the phone number +1(740)720-0221
    • Use the chat system at the bottom right of the page
    • Fill in the form below and set the time for the online conference to know more about Zelkaa products
  • What media does Zelkaa monitor and analyze?
    • Daily monitoring of 120,000 news agencies, websites and blogs
    • Daily monitoring of 350 online, offline newspapers and magazines
    • Daily monitoring of 250 million pages on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, etc.
  • Is it possible to manage social media profiles in Zelkaa?

    Yes, in addition to analysis of your official pages on various social medias, it is possible to schedule your future content and upload it to Zelkaa content calendar with the feature of setting the time and date for automatic publication in the desired social media in Zelkaa.

  • What are the advantages of Zelkaa?
    • Zelkaa search engine collects more than 20 million content every day and more than 600 million every month. All data over the media is gathered by Zelkaa, either by crawling it directly or gathering it from the API of the social media platforms; In this process the third-party resources’ services won’t be used at all.
    • Multilingual Natural language processing (NLP) in Zelkaa is available; Therefore you can monitor and analyze the media in English, German, French, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and so on.
    • It is possible to process images from all offline and online media such as print newspapers, news websites, social networks, etc. For instance, Zelkaa can identify your brand logo on social media posts by its sophisticated image processing technology.
    • The "Trend Map" tool in Zelkaa is one of the most unique and sophisticated tools available which gives you a strategic point of view of the current and near future trends; you can be aware of the hottest topics and experience comprehensive and attractive media monitoring.
  • How would the package's subscription and pricing be?

    For using Zelkaa, you can subscribe for Starter, Bronze, Silver, Gold or customized Enterprise packages based on your media monitoring and analysis requirements and needs. The full details of these packages are available on the Pricing page. You can also contact our sales team directly using this number: +1(740)720-0221

  • Why is media monitoring and analysis important for our organization and brand?

    Today, because of the rapid expansion of communication by the Internet, people are constantly talking and commenting about your brand in various ways. High-speed media monitoring seems to be the only way to get timely access to your relevant mentions.

    Without the help of specialized tools, it is almost impossible to find, monitor and analyze your mentions among the billions of daily published content in the media and follow the conversations about your organization or brand. Using Zelkaa social media and media monitoring software, you can:

    • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and competitors
    • Identify the needs of your audience
    • Improve your brand image and prevent PR crises
    • Find new subscribers and build loyalty to previous ones
    • And…

    To make sure you do not neglect to hear any voice about you.

  • What should I do if I need more information about Zelkaa tools?

    You can refer to the Pricing page for information about various tools, features and packages of Zelkaa. Our sales team is also available during office hours to guide you and answer your questions.

    In the following ways, you can seek answers to your questions in the shortest time:

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