Viewing News and Posts with the Mobile App

With the Zelkaa mobile application, you can view content related to your topic at any time of the day or night and share its link with others in all your mobile applications.

  • Viewing the chart of the number of contents based on selected topics
  • Viewing the number of contents by media and social networks
  • Viewing the share of voice of each topic relative to the total published content
  • Viewing and reading news and content based on selected topics

Mobile Application Features

There are several features for viewing, categorizing, and sorting news and content in the Zelkaa mobile application, enabling comprehensive media monitoring for the user and an easy-to-use interface.

  • Ability to filter news and content by publisher media
  • Ability to sort news and posts based on number of visits, penetration rate, likes, comments
  • Ability to view news and content in the desired time period
  • Ability to share content and news links in mobile applications

Notifications and Bulletin Settings

In addition to the possibility of creating a bulletin and accessing previous bulletins, it is also possible to receive a variety of announcements and alerts for the most important content in the Zelkaa social media news and posts monitoring application.

  • Creating a regular bulletin and accessing all bulletins with the possibility of deleting and adding content to the bulletin
  • Setting notifications to be alert to the most important and latest news and content
  • Receiving alerts for abnormal events and notifications of hot topics on social networks and media
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