Daily News Analysis and Monitoring

Gathering and Monitoring News and Content from Websites and Blogs

Monitoring news agencies and identifying the share of voice of reputable sources and hot news related to a brand is one of the essential daily tasks of public relations experts in organizations.
Zelkaa does all this time-consuming and complicated process instantly and provides your brand's public relations teams with unique news article analysis and monitoring experiences.


Daily Monitoring and Collections of News and Content

Collecting and Monitoring News and Content from Websites and Blogs
Penetration Rate of News and Content Publisher Sources
Media Trust

Penetration Rate of News and Content Publisher Sources

Starting a media crisis for the brand and bombarding information from all sides can lead to misleading public relations team members in critical situations.
Suppose you know the penetration rate of the sources that publish news and content. In that case, it will be easier for you to distinguish the news's accuracy from Fake News during bombarding information. Penetration rate indicates the impact power of news sources on society and the degree of people's trust in their content.

  • Measuring the impact of media on the brand
Your Brand from the Perspective of any Media

History of News Sources in Publishing Content Related to the Brand

If a particular news source has talked about your brand in the past, you can examine the media interaction approach with your brand by studying the previous content of this source about your brand.

  • Analyzing the Approach of News Media from the Past to the Present
History of News Sources in Publishing Content Related to the Brand
Chart of Media Outlets
News Crisis Management

Chart of Media Outlets

In case of a media crisis, one of the important and distinguishing factors for crisis management is the origin and manner of publishing news and content in news media. With Zelkaa's content launch chart, you can find out which media was the first to the last publisher of news and content and on which front they are. This way, you can take control of the situation more easily and quickly.

  • Finding the Source of the News and Content
You will not lose deleted content

Content and News Monitoring Information

In addition to comprehensive monitoring of textual and visual content of news articles in Zelkaa, presenting detailed information about each content gives you a more in-depth analytical insight.

  • The primary source of news
  • Exact release time
  • News monitoring time by Zelkaa
  • Number of publishing sources (newspapers and other websites)
  • Number of times editing news
  • Screenshots before and after the change
  • News Article Analysis
Content and News Monitoring Information
The Reliability of the News
Fake News Detection

The Reliability of the News

Employing new technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms, Zelkaa considers several factors to assess the degree of trust, accuracy, and credibility of news. This feature of Zelkaa helps you in news article analysis to identify fake news from the real one and have optimal prioritization when planning for public relations reactions to the content published in the media.
In the process of news articles analysis, Zelkaa algorithms measure the reliability of content based on resource penetration rate, the number of referrals to each media by people, and Alexa rank, and equip you with a powerful tool for distinguishing fake news.

  • News Fact-Checking
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