Twitter Monitoring

Gathering Content Published on Twitter

Until now, finding discussions and comments on Twitter and prioritizing to respond to Twitter comments at the right time have been a time-consuming and complicated process; Yet to reduce your time and money costs, Zelkaa now monitors Twitter with advanced infrastructure and instantly collects and classifies more than 10 million tweets in many languages every day.

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Daily Tweets Collecting

Gathering Content Published on Twitter
Twitter Analysis
Your Brand's Twitter Analysis

Twitter Analysis

In Zelkaa, you can see the total growth of the number of likes, retweets, visits, and engagement rates of tweets written about your brand in different periods. You can also view your brand’s Twitter account analysis. The Twitter metrics analysis of your account will give you in-depth analytical insights for campaigns and media activities.

  • Twitter Follower Analysis
Analytical Charts

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Tweet sentiment analysis is based on qualitative metrics (sad, angry, happy, sorry) and approach metrics (positive, negative, and neutral) to get to know the audience and followers of the Twitter account more profoundly.

  • Twitter Audience Analysis
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Twitter Trend and Influencer Users
Top Twitter Trends About Your Brand

Twitter Trends and Influencers Analysis

As the organization's public relations team, to avoid a media crisis, you need to know in the shortest possible time what content and hashtags in the form of twitter trending topics are attracting attention. At Zelkaa, you can easily identify hot trends or content published by influencers by analyzing Twitter trending hashtags and users. If there is a likelihood of starting a media crisis, you can take appropriate measures to stop it from happening.

  • Twitter Hashtag Trends Analysis Tool
A Better Understanding of Twitter Audiences

Checking Out a User's Tweets from the Past to the Present

If you encounter a tweet about your brand in Zelkaa, you can see your brand and your competitors' same user interaction history. By monitoring and analyzing all the previous tweets of an account, you will get a more profound knowledge of your audience, and the process of responding to the user will be more relevant.

  • For Best Interaction with Twitter Audiences
Checking Out a User's Tweets from the Past to the Present
From Twitter Monitoring to the Replies to Mentions and Quotes
Direct Reply to Mentions and Quotes on Twitter with Zelkaa

From Twitter Monitoring to the Replies to Mentions and Quotes

Replying directly to Twitter mentions in the Zelkaa panel will be more targeted by looking at the audience's history of interaction with the brand.
After replying, you can monitor and analyze tweets again to measure the rate of change in the dissatisfied audience's attitude on Twitter.

  • The Fastest Way to Respond on Twitter
More Efficiency on Twitter

The Best Time of and How to Tweet

By deeply analyzing the elements related to the tweets you publish on your brand's profile, Zelkaa determines the best time and the most compelling topic and form of content for tweeting to get the most efficiency.

  • By analyzing the content of Twitter and its efficiency, you will find out whether video or image content, along with text tweets, have led to the popularity of the desired content or not?
  • Through twitter analysis, you will find out whether user engagement has increased or decreased after the publication of any content.
  • Have you tweeted for no reason in a particular field and received no results?
  • Did you choose the right topic and literature for your tweets or not?
  • Achieving the Best Way to Create Content on Twitter
The Best Time of and How to Tweet
Twitter Scheduler
Twitter Management

Twitter Scheduler

In Zelkaa, you can plan for your brand’s Twitter account with the content developer team and leave the publication of a single tweet or tweet thread to Zelkaa by placing the content in the content calendar.

  • Schedule tweets with Zelkaa
Growth Chart

Timely and Instant Following of a Tweet goes viral

Growth charts and the ability to compare them enable you to predict the likelihood of a tweet going viral on Twitter in the first minutes of its post; Because in the growth chart, Zelkaa provides you with detailed information, including the number of likes, replies, retweets, visits and impressions in different periods after the content is published.

  • Timely Control of Media Crisis
Timely and Instant Following of a Tweet goes viral
Details of Monitored Tweets
Twitter Monitoring

Details of Monitored Tweets

In order to provide a thorough document of Twitter monitoring information, Zelkaa examines all the needed aspects and presents essential information linked to the monitored tweet, such as time of publication, observation time, publisher penetration rate (Twitter user credibility).

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Tweets
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