Comparative Statistics

Recognizing the Tastes of the Statistical Population

Vanilla ice cream manufacturer intends to add chocolate flavor to its products. In the market research process, they must know the target market’s taste before producing a new product or service and then plan accordingly. In Zelkaa, it is possible to gain a complete understanding of people's interest in various products and services by using Zelkaa comparative analytical tools and a large statistical population.

  • Ability to define competitive topics and compare them with each other
  • Assessing the level of society attention and analyzing their feelings towards different issues
  • Examining the community's approach to defined competitive issues

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Recognizing the Tastes of the Statistical Population
Market Research Based on Behavior, Culture, and Geography
Geographical Statistics

Market Research Based on Behavior, Culture, and Geography

Zelkaa statistical maps will help you know which of your products or services are most popular in which parts of the world or the interest and taste of people in any custom and culture.
Access to statistical charts and tables leads to understanding the target market and planning to optimize the sales process.

  • Ability to find the gender ratio of people who have talked about your topics
  • Analyze consumer conversations about your brand and products in different countries
  • Recognize influencers and high level media who talk about you immediately
  • Identify the persona of the statistical population, as one of the stages of market research

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Recognizing the Needs of Actual and Potential Customers

Discover New market Opportunity Based on the Needs of the Online Target Market

To understand the needs of your target market which have a wide presence in the online world, you first need to find out customers' needs by monitoring the media and social media and then improving your products and services by deeply analyzing them, the degree of acceptance or disapproval of a market.

  • Media and social media monitoring and listening to society conversations and their approach to your product or service
  • Measuring product acceptance and identifying the needs of the target market audiences
  • Dedicated monitoring of complaints and negative comments of users on social networks
  • Monitoring customers' dissatisfaction and identifying weaknesses in services and products

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Discover New market Opportunity Based on the Needs of the Online Target Market
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