Social Media Analysis

Social media Management

Various tools to analyze your content performance and schedule posts with your teammates on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Social media audience analysis.
  • Conversations, comments and social media sentiment analysis.
  • Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram post scheduler.
Social media Management
Media Crisis Management
Tracking Complaints and Trends

Media Crisis Management

Monitor complaints and media and social media trends on-time to manage and control media crises

  • Monitor complaints exclusively and real time.
  • Manage to respond properly to complaints on Instagram, Twitter , Youtube,… with special responding features.
  • Receive media and social media crisis alerts via email, SMS,…
Competitor Analysis

Media and Social media Competitive Analysis

Improve your public relation and social media strategy by analyzing competitors’ activities.

  • Compare competitors’ share of voice to improve your public relation strategy.
  • Compare competitors’ social media metrics and campaigns.
  • Compare competitors’ mentions, audience insight and brand popularity.
Media and Social media Competitive Analysis
Media and Social media Listening
Media Monitoring

Media and Social media Listening

Never miss a mention about your brand by using various media and social media monitoring tools Zelkaa provides.

  • Monitor all mentions over online & offline media such as newspapers, radio and television, websites, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • Decide to monitor complaints, trends or influencers’ content first.
  • See what people tell about you all around the world in different languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, etc.).

Our all in one media tool with hundreds of specific features helps you to take all the steps of monitoring, listening and media analysis and makes you be the first to hear what is told about your brand to decrease media crisis risks and advertisement costs.

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