Analytical Charts and Tables

Zelkaa collects data from media and social media and provides knowledge in the form of comparative-analytical tables and charts.

  • Aggregate tables and charts of measuring brand popularity metrics
  • Word and hashtag clouds with the number of repetitions
  • Recognizing media and users who talk the most about your organization
  • Gender segregation, sentiment analysis, and audience approach charts to identify audiences
Analytical Charts and Tables
Comparing Your Media Activity with Competitors

Comparing Your Media Activity with Competitors

With Zelkaa, monitor competitors' social networks and media activities, identify their strengths and weaknesses to implement necessary strategies.

  • Comparative chart of the number of articles published in a specific period of time
  • Comparative chart based on engagement rate, likes, comments
  • Comparative chart of share of voice to identify audience talk about brand and competitors
  • Comparing the level of attention of men and women and comparing their positive and negative approach to your brand and competitors

Analytical Infographics to Present a Professional Report

The best form of visual analytical reports in one-page analytical infographics that show your subject's general state.

  • Comprehensive analytical infographics of the amount of mentions about your brand with the amount of engagement received from users
  • Comprehensive visual report of the analysis of emotions, geographical location, and gender ratio of users who have spoken about your brand
  • Infographic of influencers and influential media talk about your brand and the number of trending articles and hot posts
  • Visual reporting of brand popularity among your audience and the growth of this popularity over the selected date
Analytical Infographics to Present a Professional Report
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