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We offer different pricing packages upon your activity. It leads to a creative and unique experience. In order to deliver all of your needs, We Bronze, silver, gold, and corporate include specific services, if the service is different, will be provided exclusively.






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Various services based on your needs.


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  • Smart Bulletin/Report
  • Smart Bulletin with Schedule
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Access to 3 Months Data
  • 3 Subjects
  • 10k Mentions
  • Related Detection
  • Sentiment(Attitude/Mood)


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  • All Bronze and Silver Legend
  • Image Processing (Logo and Face Detection)
  • Radio, Television Monitoring
  • Atlas(World Monitoring)
  • 10 Subjects
  • 50K Mentions
  • Newswire
  • Auto Translation
  • 24/7 Support
  • Bot Detection


Get Started
  • All Bronze Features
  • World Newdeck
  • Specific Customer Profiling
  • 7 Subjects
  • 20 Mentions
  • Help Center
  • Full Brands Benchmarking

Special service packages

Special packages give you more access to Zelkaa's great features and would be priced as a percentage of your original plan. Special service packages are only available for gold and corporate plans.

Core features included in every plan

  • Mention and Hashtag Monitoring

    View and analyze all the hashtags trending about your subjects upun social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and etc.

  • Benchmarking Subjects

    Comparing all quantitative and qualitative factors including likes, reshares, views, followers and etc belong to your subjects by varied charts and tables.

  • Comments Analysis

    In-depth analysis of the comments including people's sentimantal (anger, happiness, frustration, etc.) and gender ,comments timeframes, and etc.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Instant and archive analysis of the generated content on your subjectss in both direct (negative, positive, neutral) and emotional sentimental.

  • Subject Trending Analysis

    Analyzing the amount of produced content in different times and the possibility of analyzing the media streams.

  • Fully 4 Language Supported

    Getting access toall the Zelkaamoon features in Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and English languages as well as monitoring over 100 million sources in these 4 languages.

  • Auto Articles Translation

    Automatic content translation

  • Root Detection

    Content growth charts based on various metrics including likes, views, impression and etc upon various media.

  • Summarization

    Zelkaa smart summary algorithm allows you to read a summary of each story in one or two short paragraphs.

  • Mobile Application

    Using Zelkaa platform on Android and iOS smartphones.

  • Newswire - Publish on Media

    Possibility of publishing organizational news in selected media for a specific target community.

  • ZelkaaMoon Help Center

    Learn how to make the most of Zelkaamoon platform.

  • Brands full spectrum insight

    Compare and monitor brands' media activities and campaigns.

  • Instagram Lottery(Posts, Comments)

    Draw the winners from the thousands of participants with the ability of defining the contest rules.

  • Smart Alerting

    Receiving alerts as your subject is trending or an influencer person or media publish a content about it.

Differentiators Bronze Silver Gold
Mention Limit 10K 20K 50k
Radio, Television Monitoring
News Programs All Programs
Newspapers and Magazines Online 40 paid newspapers 120 paid newspapers
Users Count 1 2 5
Mention Archive 1 Month 6 Month 13 Month
Mention Analysis 1 Month 6 Month 13 Month
Support Online Chat/Ticketing Online Chat/Ticketing 24/7
Keywords 3 5 10
Subject Query 4 5 6
Bulletin(PDF Report) 30/Monthly 100/Monthly Unlimited
Compare Media 5 Media 10 Media 15 Media
Search Specific Username,Channel
Analytical Report 30/Monthly 50/Monthly Unlimited
ScreenShot of Content Only Sites All Posts All Posts
Social Media Management
2 Accounts 5 Accounts
Automate Share to Telegram/Slack Channel 1 2 3
Twitter Auto Response 1 Account 3 Accounts 5 Accounts
Instagram Auto Response 1 Account 3 Accounts 5 Accounts
Content Limit for Reports(PDF) 50 Article 100 Article 250 Article
Benchmark Marketing Actions 5 Accounts 10 Accounts 15 Accounts
Search Historical data of specific user
Instagram Lottery
Brand Monitoring 1 Brand with 3 Competitors 2 Brand with 5 Competitors 5 Brands with 10 Competitors
Language 1 Language 4 Languages 4 Languages
Article Auto Translation
Analytical Reports 30 50 Unlimited
Screenshots Just Websites
Newswire(Send News To Media)
Order Specific Source To Crawl
Media Source Grouping 4 6 10
Cloud Archive 6 Months 12 Months 2 Years
Zelkaa Help Center
API Request 30 100 500

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