Easily export Instagram comments and hashtag posts into Excel (CSV) and find these columns

  • Commenter's username and gender
  • Commenter’s positive or negative attitude(Sentiment)
  • Comment caption
  • Comment publish date


First enter the hashtag text or post URL and your email, Then click on “Get the Information'' button to start the purchase process. When the process is done, the CSV file will be sent to your email.
Support Contact: [email protected]

Price is calculated based on the number of comments or hashtags:

Comment Count Price ($)
0 - 100 Free
100 - 5K 9.99$
5K - 20K 19.99$
20K - 50K 29.99$
50K - 150K 39.99$
150K - 250K 49.99$
More than 250K Contact Us